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At JT Fabrication, we get our hands dirty so that you can enjoy the shine of perfectly crafted metal. It’s not just about bending and cutting; it’s about breathing life into raw materials. Welcome to where your visions get a steel backbone and an aluminum finish.


Aluminum Welding

Light, strong, and sleek – aluminum is the future dressed as a metal. Our aluminum fabrication service takes this space-age material and tailors it to fit your modern-day needs. From the intricate weave of components that could fit into the palm of your hand to grand structures that stand tall against the Texas sky, we manipulate aluminum with a finesse that’s as practical as it is pleasing to the eye. Sustainability? We’ve got that boxed too. Every aluminum project carries our promise of durability and an eco-friendly nod to Mother Earth.

Metal Welding

Metal is the canvas, fabrication is our art. At JT Fabrication, we’ve mastered the alchemy of turning various metals into custom masterpieces. Whether it’s a piece that will become the heart of an industrial giant or a bespoke feature for your home or business, our metal fabrication service is a cut above. With technology on our side and hammers in our hands, we shape, weld, and polish to a standard that’s nothing short of excellence.


Metal Building Fabrication

We raise structures that raise the bar. Our metal building fabrication is about creating spaces that stand strong against the elements and time. Whether it’s a warehouse that can hold your ambitions or a workshop that’s as sturdy as your work ethic, we lay down metal with a blend of strength and design smarts. Think of us as the architects of the indestructible, crafting buildings that demand minimal upkeep and give maximum performance.

Commercial Metal Covers

First impressions count, and our commercial metal covers ensure your business looks sharp at first glance. These aren’t just shields against the storm; they’re your brand’s armor and banner. Ideal for sprucing up entrances, window fronts, and storefronts, these metal covers marry brawn with beauty, showcasing a perfect balance of form and function. Whether it’s rain or shine, your business will gleam with JT Fabrication’s touch.

Why JT Fabrication?

Because here, metal gets a heart. We’re local, we’re hands-on, and we’re dedicated to turning your metal fabrication dreams into a steel-reinforced reality. Whether it’s a project that challenges the horizon or a detail that demands the precision of a surgeon, our services are designed to deliver beyond expectations.

We’re not in the business of just selling services; we’re in the business of crafting solutions that carry the weight of our reputation. So, when you’re ready to start your next metal project, give us a shout. We’re here to make sure that when it comes to metal, you’re absolutely covered.

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